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How is the Bonus Spin on a Class II Slot Triggered?

28 June 2010

By John Robison

I live very close to the Oklahoma border, so naturally my question is concerning the Class II Bingo slot machine. I've played the machines well enough to know that every time you spin, your bingo card changes, so obviously your goal is to spin to a bingo card that has matching numbers within the bingo game draw to win a pattern. What I have been trying to figure out for the longest is how exactly is the Bonus Spin activated. There are several types of bonuses, some are little games where you move a bag back and forth to catch a gem, but the one that I would like to know about is where the screen turns red and you get a free spin, and it always lands on a payout. Sometimes you get additional spins, it just depends on what pattern it lands on.

Do you know how exactly this bonus spin is activated? I get mixed details on how the slot machine actually works from attendants, and I can get no info on how to activate the bonus spin.

Thanks so much.


Dear Larry,

I would have to see the PAR sheet for the machine to know for sure, but on the sheets I have seen the bonus spin is triggered by the pattern covered by the original spin. Some patterns award a bonus spin, most don't.

Best of luck in and out of the casinos,

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John Robison
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