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Scoblete's "Slots Conquest" Reveals Machines That Give Players the Edge! by Melissa A. Kaplan

14 November 2010

By John Robison

The following article is by Melissa A. Kaplan.

It is no secret that Frank Scoblete is a treasure trove of gambling books that are instructive, original and fun. But he has outdone himself this time; bringing to light many slot machines that at some point in their programming actually become player friendly. That's right; he has uncovered slot machines that can give the players a real edge. These machines are all in his new book Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines!

"They are called banking machines," stated Frank, "because they bank a symbol that increases payouts. So you might have Green Stamps, diamonds, cherries or even blanks and as a player spends his credits the bank grows and grows. At a certain point more money will start to come out of the machine than goes into the machine. At this point, the smart slot player starts to play the machine. From this point on, the player has an edge over the house."

Scoblete cautions that the machines must have banked a certain number of symbols before the smart player starts to play.

"You have to let all the other players put money in the machine and build up the bank to the proper point," Scoblete said. "These players are giving the casino its usual edges. They actually are putting the money in the machine that you will eventually win."

In Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines! Scoblete gives his readers the exact number of banked symbols necessary to push the machine into a positive mode and he does this on a whole variety of what he calls advantage-play machines.

"There are plenty of these machines around the country. You just have to look for them. If you are going to play slots, why not play slots on machines where you can get the edge? That makes sense to me."

With the help of gambling columnist and computer whiz Jerry "Stickman," Scoblete has taken the playing of slot machines to a whole new level.

Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines! is available from or at your local bookstores or by mail order calling 1-800-944-0406.

The preceding article is by Melissa A. Kaplan.

John Robison
John Robison is an expert on slot machines and how to play them. John is a slot and video poker columnist and has written for many of gaming’s leading publications. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology.

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